Profile & Crew

Depending on passenger numbers there will be 2-3 crew taking care of you. Your enjoyment is important to us and we make sure that you are looked after well. Our crew are trained nature guides, often with a marine science background and are happy share their knowledge of the natural world with you.

Jochen profileJochen ‘John’ Zaeschmar
Originally from Germany, I have been in New Zealand since 1997 and started Ecocruz in the year 2000.

Ecocruz combines my passions for sailing and the marine environment. Apart from being an avid sailor with over 40,000 miles under my belt, I’m a qualified coastal ranger and a marine biologist with a strong sense for conservation. My research at Massey University’s Coastal Marine Research Group focuses on the little known false killer whale.

Ever the whale-hugger, I am also a core member of the whale stranding response group Whale Rescue. Additionally, I am an active member of Fish Forever and support the efforts to protect 10% of the Bay as a marine reserve. I enjoy what I do and I'm happy to share my passion and enthusiasm for the ocean with you.

Moby profileMoby (1999 – 2012)
Sadly, the best boat dog in the world is no longer with us and he remains greatly missed. Those of you who have been out with us before, will remember his fish catching antics, dolphin spotting and dinghy riding skills.