Itinerary: 3 days, 2 nights of exploration

ecocruz-24Ecocruz is an all-inclusive three-day sailing exploration of the Bay of Islands Maritime Park. No other trip will let you exprience this unique area in quite the same way.

The idea behind Ecocruz is to let you enjoy the Bay of Islands the way the locals do - on a boat with a small group of like-minded people - take in the natural beauty at a leisurely pace, get active if you feel like it but most of all spend a few carefree days in a stunning setting doing things you enjoy. Our journey will take you onto the ocean and to uninhabited islands, remote beaches and rugged, coastal headlands where you can explore our destinations by kayaking, snorkeling and walking. There is no standard route or itinerary as these are weather dependent. We always aim to take in the top attractions as well as hidden gems off the beaten track.